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Pride Lift Chairs

Enjoy the ultimate in style & performance® of Pride® Power Lift Recliners. FDA Class II Medical Device

If you're searching for a power lift recliner that is the ultimate in style and performance®, look no further than Pride Power Lift Recliners. Our power lift recliners are designed to be a functional and fashionable part of your home décor. Each lift recliner is built for quality and reliability, so you can enjoy it worry-free for many years to come.

No matter what style of lift recliner you enjoy, Pride is sure to have a model that will meet your specific needs. With so many styles, colors and materials available, it's no wonder we're America's #1 Lift Recliner Brand!

Pride Lift Chairs are FDA Class II Medical Devices designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments. These products enable a mobility impaired individual to safely rise, sit or recline in the chair and many models contain additional features designed to assist with other impairments.

  • LC-205-Stone

    Model LC-525iM

    The LC-525 is a true infinite-position, zero gravity, Trendelenburg, chaise lounger.

  • LC-358M Cloud-9 Pacific

    Model LC-250

    The LC-250 is a 3-position, full recline, chaise lounger.

  • LC-525iS Durasoft Deep Sky

    Model LC-358M

    The LC-358 is a 3-position, full recline, chaise lounger.